Maye became a COVERGIRL at 69

– it only took 50 years!

If you’re surprised about Maye working as a model for five decades, you are not alone, she is too!

Having modeled in South Africa, Canada, USA, Europe and Asia, she’s had the pleasure to work with great hair and makeup artists, editors and photographers. Being part of this community of creative people is a great change for this self-professed “science nerd.”

Maye began her modeling career when she was 15 years old in Pretoria, South Africa, and it hasn’t stopped. After moving to Toronto at 42, she was represented by the Elite Modeling Agency. At 48, she moved to the USA and the demand for an older woman continued.

Just before her 60th birthday she stopped coloring her hair, cut it short and discovered her natural color was white. That was a risk. She was told she’d never work again, so she changed her agency and work soared! The new look brought many major campaigns, billboards in Times Square and worldwide, magazine covers, the “It Girl” in Vanity Fair and the youngest Hypebae. Who knew! She also appeared in Beyonce’s music video “Haunted,” and many commercials such as Covergirl, Target, Macy’s and Tiffany and Co. She thanks Twitter and Facebook, and Instagram which her best friend/stylist Julia Perry convinced her to start which started a new visibility at 67.

She loves traveling the world for speaking engagements and modeling jobs, so her passport and suitcase are always ready. Continue to follow her journey on social media because she is just getting started.




Swarovski / Times Square

Cover Girl / Times Square

Verizon / Madison Square Garden

Virgin America / Times Square

Target / Times Square

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